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of Thoroughbred Claiming Partnerships


      Claiming partnerships are the fastest way to get in on the racing action. Claiming partnerships will acquire horses that are currently in training and racing. Backstretch Stables will work in concert with its experienced team to select horses that have the potential to compete on short rest and/or advance to higher claiming levels. Backstretch Stables and its trainers will be constantly on the lookout for horses for claiming partnerships, at various tracks, and partnerships will form once filled.

      Claiming partnerships are formed continuously throughout the year, with claiming prices between $10,000-$25,000. This allows us to purchase a horse that has potential to move up. Claiming races are very competitive, and the horses must be placed aggressively to be successful. This can often result in very quick turnover. The benefit of this (besides winning) it can allow you to experience the joys of owning multiple horses in a short period of time. Should one of our horses get claimed, we can quickly claim another.

      There is rarely a lull in action when dealing with claiming horses and Backstretch Stables!

To inquire about our current claiming partnerships, contact:

Stu Holland @ 630.632.4843 or

thoroughbred claiming partnerships