PHOTO AD, $25 for 6 months


E-MAIL us at least one photo and up to 3 photos of your horse (or product/service), along with the text that you would like in the ad. Your text can include anything you want. We are flexible - we don't have a form for you to fill out because we want you to send all the information you want to include in the ad, in any format that is convenient for YOU - we will format and condense the information you send for best possible presentation. We suggest you include...

    your horse's name or nickname - this helps buyers remember your horse if they have looked at many ads

    location of your horse

    breed or pedigree we will include a detailed pedigree if you send it

    age, or date of birth

    sex, gelding, filly or mare, colt or stallion

    height, or potential size for young horses

    color or markings

    disposition or personality traits

    accomplishments, race record, level of training, suitability for a particular sport or type of rider

    for young prospects, information about the sire's and dam's accomplishments

    for broodmares, information about the stallion if she is in foal, and her produce record

    price or terms

    email address

    phone number where you want buyers to contact you

    $25 for a photo ad, $50 for a photo + custom video ad, submitted payment through our secure processing service --

You can send your ad information to:

E-Mail: or you can use our email form.

We also advertise real estate, services, and products. We are very flexible, and are willing to work with you on an advertising solution that is right for you, including banner ads, and links to your web site from our sale pages. Our only requirement is that ads hosted on our site contain at least one photo. We don't do "text-only" ads.

Where to send it...

Send photos of your horse attached to an email message that contains the text you want in your ad. If we have questions about your ad, or if we think you left out anything important, we'll let you know.

How to pay for it...

The cost of a photo ad with up to 3 pictures is $25. Payment may be by credit card or e-check through our secure processing service --

PHOTO AD with a CUSTOM VIDEO included, $50 for 6 months
(Please note that we will link to YouTube videos in a Photo Ad at no extra charge)

Why you should try it...

This is a good way to show off a really beautiful or correct mover, or if you are selling a race horse, you can show a good race or fast work. Most serious buyers can tell from a short clip if they are interested enough to ask for a full-length video, or if they should plan to see the horse in person. If you shoot your own video, check out our helpful tips.

How to send the video to us...

If you have a web ready digital video file you can email it to us as an attachment of not more than 15 megabytes in size, or upload to icloud or dropbox if you have bigger video files. We're happy to edit your video for best presentation so send us all the clips you have of your sale horse.

If you have a video but no photos of your horse, you can send us a good quality digital video file, and we'll take STILL SHOTS OFF THE VIDEO for use in a "photo" ad at no extra charge.

How to pay for it...

The cost to include a custom edited video clip in your "photo ad" is an additional $25, making the total cost of the ad $50. Payment may be by credit card or e-check through our secure processing service --


How long it takes...

Most ads will be posted the same day received, but we ask you to allow 3 days in case we have questions about your ad content or ad payment.

When the ad expires...

All ads expire 6 months from the first day posted on the Internet. If you want to renew the ad, please call or mail us your request for renewal every 6 months. If your ad includes an email address, we will email you when your ad is about to expire. Please email us if your horse has sold or you just want to remove your ad from the web site prior to the expiration date.

Our request to you...

Try to keep your ad text short and simple - we reserve the right to edit all ads for length and clarity; however, we will work with you to ensure your satisfaction. Horsesales, Inc. is not responsible for failure of sellers or advertisers to secure permission from photographers or artists for the use of copyrighted material. We can not advertise any horse for sale without at least one photo.

Additional benefits of advertising...

You can make copies of the ad printout and post them at your local tack shops, feed stores, and horse shows. We don't do text classified ads because we have found that ads without photos don't work, but you can list the web address of your ad at Horsesales in the free classifieds of other sites to direct buyers to photos of your horse. These are great ways to get more value for your advertising dollar!


Horsesales, Inc. does not guarantee or warranty the soundness or any other aspect of horses or other products we advertise, nor do we guarantee or verify the information submitted by advertisers.

Horsesales, Inc. does not employ agents to sell horses on commission, but we do have a business relationship with independent sales agents who use our service to facilitate their business.

Click here for more information about Horsesales' privacy policy and terms of service.

OTHER SERVICES - web site design, web site maintenance and video editing services.

Web site design starting at $750...

You will enjoy a lot of extra service with us, including free links or banner ads on our high traffic web site, free Google mail setup, Google Analytics reports, and all the other features you expect. We set up every feature of your site, customized as you request.

Web site maintenance and general consulting for $60 per hour...

Services such as graphic design, search engine optimization and web site maintenance is charged at $60 per hour. We can help you with your Facebook business page and social media marketing strategy. Nearly all our clients spend less than $500/year on maintenance costs of an existing web site and social media. If the update you need only takes 15 minutes, we only charge you $15 for 15 minutes, based on our hourly rate.

Sites we designed, host, or maintain...

Multi-Millionaire Thoroughbred BRASS HAT
William "Buff" Bradley Racing
Flying Walker Ranch
Full Circle Dressage
Kentucky Racing Health and Welfare Fund
Moserwood Farms
Pegasus Solutions, Inc.
Denis Roberson Racing
Schumer Bloodstock Agency
Equiology Concepts
Jere R. Smith Jr. Racing
The Breeders Guide
Punchestown Stable
Thoroughbred Racing World
Second Stride, for retired racehorses
Julie Sandman Interiors
Eureka Thoroughbred Farm
Michael S. Fisher, Attorney
River Oaks Farms Inc., Sulphur, Oklahoma
Roderick Wachman Bloodstock
Flying Walker Toy Aussies

Video Editing...

If you already have video of your horse but it needs editing, we can do it. We can use most types of videos as the source and can deliver the finished product in most formats, please contact us and let us know what you need. Video editing is charged at $60 per hour; we will be happy to give you an estimate prior to beginning work.

Email for more information about videotaping and editing services.


No Camera?

Photos taken by a professional are worth the cost and will also give you something to keep to remember your horse. If you have a horse at the local racetrack that you want to sell, your best bet is to call the track photographer and request that they take a photo of your horse during morning training hours or during a race.

A Note On Copyrights

If you want to use photos taken by a professional from a show or race, you must get permission from the photographer. Most photographers don't mind if you use their photos as long as credit is given in the ad and you ask them for permission first.


If you are making a road trip to look at horses, use to get a map and driving direction. For hotel booking we like PRICELINE and for sightseeing information in Kentucky we recommend TripAdvisor.


If you need to arrange shipping or are just wondering what the shipping cost might be if you buy a horse long distance, we have listed some shipping companies that you can contact. Shipping arrangements and costs are generally the responsibility of the buyer unless otherwise negotiated with the seller, so it is a good idea to check on shipping before making an offer on a horse.

American Horse Transport, 800-424-6845
Asmussen Horse Transportation, (TX) 210-723-5436
Bateman Horse Vans, (VT) 800-933-4323
Brook Ledge, (KY/NY/FL) 800-523-8143
Drexler Horse Transportation, (IL) 800-262-4464
Richard Goetz, (Louisiana based) 318-965-4179 or 888-670-3107
Hal Sullens, 800-567-3978
HH Hudson & Sons, 800-624-7741
Lorraine, (East/Midwest/FL) 800-533-5771
Morrissey's, (East/Midwest/FL) 800-441-9441
Pony Express, (OH/East/Midwest/FL) 513-752-4696
Royal Equine Express, (OR) 888-385-6846

Beacon Hill Horse Transportation - (NY)
Bob Hubbard - (CA/KY/FL)
Horse Jitney - (Nationwide)
Judge Manning - (East/Canada)
Sallee Horse Vans - (Midwest/East)


Thebas Farms, LLC, (FL)

National Horse Carriers Directory
Horse Hauling Locator Service
Lazy J Horse Hauling Dispatch Service


The Dutta Corporation, (FL/NY/International)
M2 Transport, (Atlanta/International)
Instone Air Services (Nationwide)
International Horse Transport, (Canada)
Mersant International, (NY)
Global Horse Transport, (NY)
JG Equine Services, (Global) 859-321-1541
Tex Sutton, (KY/CA) 800-544-4395, 818-447-8800


Need to do a pre-purchase vet exam on a horse that you want to buy? The local clinics do very thorough pre-purchase exams, but you may have to trailer the horse to the clinic.

Hagyard Equine Medical Institute,
Rood & Riddle Equine Clinic,

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