ROLEX KENTUCKY at the Horse Park in Lexington April 1996, is one of the top three-day events in the world and will serve as the U.S. Equestrian Team's Spring Three-Day Championship, a qualifying test for the Atlanta Olympics. The U.S. Olympic team will be decided after an advanced-level horse trial in Chatsworth, GA, June 29-30. Here are some highlights from cross-country day, where we saw world class horses and riders taking on incredibly challenging obstacles, and a lot of other colorful people and animals!

The CCI*** cross country course had two jumps that were the big crowd draw - the "Sunken Road" and the "Water Complex". Here we give you an idea of what the "Sunken Road" is like, with Jim Graham and Easter Parade (8th after X-country).

Dorothy Trapp (from Lexington and Louisville!) and Molokai (12th after cross-country) negotiate the "Sunken Road" with ease.

These two videos show the difference between the short and long routes through the "Water Complex". Karen O'Connor and Prince Panache (7th after cross-country) take the short, direct route, while Martha Lambert (from Louisville!) and Rajh take the longer route.

Now this is the EXTRA long route including a stop for a dip in the pond!

Not pictured are the top 3 finishers after X-country - Mara DePuy on Hopper (51.0), followed by Stuart Young-Black on Market Venture (53.6), and Stephen Bradley on Doctor Doolittle (54.0).

Here are the final results: 1st was Stephen Bradley on Doctor Doolittle (54.75), 2nd was Mara Depuy on Hopper (56.0), 3rd was Stuart Young-Black on Market Venture (58.6), 4th was Louise Meryman on Mashantum (59.6), 5th was Karen O'Connor on Worth The Trust (61.0), 6th was Buck Davidson on Trans Amaflirt (61.8), 7th was David O'Connor on Giltedge (64.2), 8th was Abigail Lufkin on Quest (64.6), 9th was Dorothy Trapp on Molokai (66.4), and 10th was Jill Henneberg on Nirvana II (67.2).

In case anyone is wondering where Bruce Davidson Sr. was during all this, he fell on cross country and tore a shoulder muscle. He brought 3 horses to Kentucky - Man-Of-Stars was in the Advanced Horse Trials, Eagle Lion the 3-Star CCI, and Heyday the Pre-Atlanta Invitational Division. The fall occurred during his cross-country trip on Heyday.


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