Olympics Individual Endurance Highlights, Atlanta 1996 The Individual Endurance competition of the Equestrian portion of the Atlanta Olympics drew 35 entries from 19 countries. The most demanding jumps were right in the middle of the course, and included #8 and #13. #8 foiled many riders with a huge ditch in front of the jump that required an incredible effort from the horses. #13 is the "Old Town Ponds" jump that stopped Jill Henneberg and Nirvana of the USA during the team competition. Most competitors chose the long route through #13 - here France's Didier Willefert and Seducteur Biolay slip and slide down the bank into the water.

Another demanding jump was at #9. The approach was a very steep descent into a "hollow". A combination of 4 elements required quick turns and a very clever horse to get through it. Indrajit Lamba and Karishma from India scrambled through this obstacle as if they were scaling a rocky cliff. We don't have information on the breed of the Indian horse, but he appeared to be an Anglo-Arab.

It was exciting to see riders and horses from so many different countries competing in the cross country phase at the Olympics. The atmosphere was similar to the Kentucky CCI***, including the same familiar announcer on the loudspeaker; but walking around the course were people speaking many different languages. Perhaps some of them came to watch the riders from Japan, including Shigeyuki Hosono and his horse As Du Perche. Enrique Sarasola and Rebaby from Spain were also cheered on through the "Rabun Hollow" obstacle.

The leader after cross-country, and the eventual gold medalist with a score of 56.8 was Blythe Tait and Ready Teddy of New Zealand (left). USA's Kerry Millikin and Out And About (right) were tied for third after a strong cross-country, and they held on for the bronze medal with a final score of 73.7. The silver medalist was Sally Clark of New Zealand with Squirrel Hill. Her cross-country ride was the "best ride of her life" according to the Atlanta Constitution newspaper, and she continued the fairy tale with a perfect stadium round the following day, finishing with a score of 60.4.

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